Rovers And Rangers Unit

The College has a unit of Rovers and Rangers consisting of 50 students (25 members in each unit). This unit was initially constituted in August 2017, with international motto of Character, Intelligence and Service. This unit was further registered with the state unit of Rovers and Rangers. The Rovers and Rangers unit of the college follows and implements policies, programs and guidelines as per the directions of the state unit. The unit had participated in the State Level Moot Course program which was organized at Government Degree College Dharamshala in February 2017.

The Rovers and Rangers unit also celebrates the birth anniversary of its founder Bowden Powell and other freedom fighters every year. The unit bagged the first prize at the college level parade competition held in the Annual Athletic Meet for the session 2017-18. The unit actively participated in various activities organized in the College. The Rovers and Rangers is a strong pillar in the functioning of the college and all the members are in the forefront whenever any voluntary service is required.