The college has three blocks comprising of Arts, Commerce and Science Block. The whole campus is equipped with CCTV cameras, Flood lights and solar lights. Between the two blocks there is a green ground comprising of flower beds, banyan, peepal and mango trees which provide good environmental conditions for studies. The college ground provides separate parking facilities for students and staff.


Class Rooms:

There are 18 classrooms in the college. Out of which five rooms are being utilised as lab cum class room, two smart class rooms and one IT lab for effective teaching learning process. Each classroom is equipped with well-furnished furniture like desks, dais, black/green boards, fans & lights.

Smart Class Rooms


There are two smart class rooms equipped with projector, touch screen, digital boards, CPU and amplifiers. Institution engages students in high order training through group discussions, debates, seminars and presentations.


The capacity of each smart class room is 72 students.


The college has following well equipped laboratories that cater to the needs of the students:

  • Botany lab
  • Zoology Lab
  • Physics lab
  • Chemistry lab
  • Computer lab
  • Geography lab


The library is equipped with text and reference books and variety of Magazines and newspapers. The library has a total of 3002 books in its bank. The desks are so designed in the library that students are able to study without any disturbance. The library has following magazines

  • Science Reporter
  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Samanya Gyan
  • Competition Success Review
  • GK Today

The library is facilitated with following newspapers.

  • The Tribune
  • Panjab Keseri
  • Divya Himachal
  • Himachal Dastak
  • Amar Ujala
  • Employment News


All work pertaining to IQAC/RUSA/NAAC is dealt with here.

NSS/Career Guidance Counselling and Placement Cell Room

All work pertaining to NSS/Career Guidance Counselling and Placement cell is dealt with here.

Rovers and Rangers /Eco Club/Campus Beautification Room

All work pertaining to Rovers and Rangers /Eco club/Campus beautification is dealt with here.

Women Grievance, Redressal cell

The College provides a very efficient and easy way to redress the grievance of the women which is further catered and dealt in a separate room adjacent to the Principal’s room.


Gymnasium increases students’ physical fitness, mental fitness Improves memory retention, increases focus and concentration. Gymnasium is situated on the ground floor in the commerce block. It is a well-equipped gym. It has Tread Mill, Exercise Bike, Multi adjustable inclined bench, Multi ab bench, Shoulder press ,Bicep curl ,Leg press ,Chest press ,Massage Chair.


Health Care Centre

Health Care Centre is a necessity in any institution. The campus health care centre provides First-aid to college students during illness and injury. Items such as First- Aid Box (Bandage, ointment, medicines, glucose), almirah and bed, stretcher are present in the Health Care Centre.

Multipurpose Hall

The college has a spacious multipurpose hall with seating capacity of 300 students. It is used for conducting the end-term examinations and mid-term examinations.

  • All cultural activities functions, competitions are held in this hall.
  • It is equipped with desks and chairs.
  • It has a proper stage with curtains, dais and a PA system.
  • The college has its own DJ Equipment.
  • The hall has an attached storage room. It has various musical instruments like harmonium, tabla and dholak.


  • College canteen is closely regulated and supervised by the college canteen committee and by the administrators.
  • Food prepared in canteen is healthy and hygienic.
  • There are separate dining halls for students and staff.
  • Canteen has a modern kitchen with washbasins, Aquaguards, fans, exhaust fans and refrigerator.
  • A Television has been fixed in the canteen for the students.

Girl’s Common Room

Girl’s Common Room has a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, magazines’ stand and well-furnished sitting arrangement.